June 25, 2024

There has been a massive increase in the number of Chinese illegally crossing the southern border

More than 30,000 Chinese nationals have crossed the southern border in the San Diego sector since October, according to Fox reporter Bill Melugin. Over 100 crossed on Friday alone, he claimed.

“30,000+ Chinese crossing illegally in San Diego sector since 10/1 is unprecedented,” Tweeted Melugin on Sunday.

“It’s an 8,600% increase over all of fiscal year 2021, when just 342 Chinese nationals crossed illegally—across the entire southern border.”

NEW: Another 118 Chinese nationals crossed illegally into San Diego sector yesterday, per CBP sources.

I’m told San Diego sector has now had 30,000+ Chinese since October 1st.

Other San Diego sector nationalities since 10/1:

8,900+ India
7,800+ Turkey
2,900+ Uzbekistan

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) May 26, 2024

Melugin was clear that the unheralded level of Chinese migration is deliberate and planned, and poses a threat to national security.

“There is now an orchestrated, well organized cartel smuggling operation of Chinese into Southern California, and it appears there has essentially been zero effort to stop it.”

A Chinese national was apprehended tried to force entry into a military base in California recently, as part of a spate of attempts to breach military facilities by foreign nationals, many of whom are in the country illegally.

On Sunday, Infowars reported that a Jordanian man who drove a box truck through a military checkpoint at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia had entered the country across the southern border in April. He was aided by another Jordanian national who was in the country on an expired student visa.

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