June 25, 2024

Business advertised as place for older citizens to relax without having ‘to worry about some of the young folks that bring some of that drama.’

A St. Louis, Missouri, restaurant is making waves online after local news outlets picked up on a unique age restriction being enforced at the business.

With late-night crowds in the city often becoming unruly, the owners of a West African and Caribbean restaurant called Bliss decided only to allow men 35 years old and up or women 30 years old and up to enter past 7 pm.

Amid rash of violence from teens in St. Louis, owners of new restaurant say men must be 35-years-old & women must be over 30 to enter pic.twitter.com/AKwpIO8Yy5

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) June 3, 2024

An assistant manager at the business explained, “It’s just something for the older people to come do and have a happy hour, come get some good food and not have to worry about some of the young folks that bring some of that drama.”

Regarding the small amount of backlash online, Bliss owner Marvin Pate said, “That’s OK because we’re sticking to our code.” 

After 7 pm, customers will be asked to show ID to a hostess or a St. Louis County police officer to confirm their age.

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