June 17, 2024

‘The globalists are building a post-human world.’

Infowars founder and host Alex Jones issued a message to his X followers on Friday, noting the globalists want to destroy humanity but that there’s currently a mass awakening taking place.

Will you roll over and die so Bill Gates can play God? pic.twitter.com/TjkelisZtm

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) May 24, 2024

Jones said, “The globalists are building a post-human world. Yuval Noah Harari and the WEF, all of them say the future is not human. Think about what a sick statement that is as if those setting this up will escape the plan they’ve developed for us. They’ll be destroyed by it as well. So, I know we’re going to win in the end. The question is, how destructive will that process be and how many billions will die?”

“I’m trying to reverse and stop that, but I can’t do it without you realizing how important you are and you getting activated and being engaged because the globalists are already in deep trouble with only a few percentages of people being engaged. We get more people to wake up and realize we have a real chance to stop this, we’re gonna win. God bless,” he added.

Also, don’t miss the following Jones rant:

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