June 17, 2024

Unhinged social justice activists elevate Floyd to sainthood status.

An art installation displayed at the Arizona State University campus is being criticized for its depiction of George Floyd as Jesus Christ, as one activist claims God chose him to give his life for black people.

Footage circulating on social media showed an activist comparing Floyd to the Christian deity during a lecture at the “Twin Flames: The George Floyd Uprising from Minneapolis to Phoenix” exhibit at the ASU Art Museum.

“George Floyd died for each and every one of us. He was God’s chosen vessel.” Things get weird at ASU as they unveil an exhibit in Floyd’s memory. pic.twitter.com/ZICxm9f3j8

— Way of the World (@wayotworld) May 23, 2024

Despite fentanyl use playing a role in his death, the activist told gatherers Floyd “died for us, each and every last one of us.”

“Had not George Floyd died we wouldn’t be here,” the activist said. “God chose him. He was a chosen vessel. Many are called, but few are chosen.”

The exhibit is a collection of protest signs from the BLM summer of rage in 2020, including one controversial art piece showing Floyd with a crown of thorns similar to the one Christ bore during his crucifixion.

These posters were carried by Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis and Phoenix during the 2020 “summer of love.”@TPUSA pic.twitter.com/8j4aNigFsx

— FRONTLINES (@FrontlinesTPUSA) May 22, 2024

The activist’s unhinged speech illustrates how the brainwashed social justice movement equates Floyd’s death – brought on by an unnecessary struggle with police – with a martyr’s sacrifice, elevating him to the status of sainthood, while likely ignoring others more worthy of praise.

In the new religion, racism is the greatest sin. But there is no need for evidence to back up the accusation, and forgiveness isn’t offered.

— TradHumanist (@Trad_Humanist) May 23, 2024

Jesus didn’t resist arrest.

— Cam Higby 🇺🇸 (@camhigby) May 23, 2024

Drug addled scumbag who jabbed a gun in a pregnant woman’s belly for $10. Fuck anyone who thinks this piece of shit deserves anything but hate and ridicule.

— MrDucks (@MrDucks1954) May 23, 2024

floyd was a criminal and died of a fentanyl OD.

pick better ‘heroes’

— AmericanPapaBear (@AmericaPapaBear) May 23, 2024

George floyd died because he was a drug abusing criminal. This is the most absurd things I’ve ever seen in my life.

— Paul Herrin (@pushingback_pod) May 23, 2024

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