July 20, 2024

Election-season injections set to be announced.

Amid a collapse of trust in the pharmaceutical industry, the Biden regime has reportedly decided to fund a late-stage trial of Moderna’s mRNA bird flu shot, and is in talks to bankroll a Pfizer trial.

Moderna is currently testing the experimental shot against several strains of the virus, including the currently circulating H5N1 variant. An early-to-mid stage study of the mRNA product has reportedly been completed, and data is expected soon.

The federal funding will come from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) as early as next month, according to Financial Times.

The outbreak spread to poultry farms in 48 states to dairy cows across nine states in March. Earlier this month, a second human tested positive for a mild case of H5 bird flu. In both cases, the patient worked on a dairy farm where H5N1 virus had been identified in cows, and reported symptoms of an eye infection.

The CDC’s current H5N1 bird flu human health risk assessment for the U.S. general public, however, remains low.

The Biden regime is also reportedly in talks with Pfizer to bankroll the development of its bird flu mRNA shot. Additionally, BARDA is reportedly manufacturing about 4.8 million doses of bird flu vaccine through CSL Seqirus.

Pfizer and Moderna played a pivotal role in supplying mRNA shots during the COVID-19 pandemic, but have seen the popularity of their products substantially wane since their initial rollout.

Rasmussen poll in January indicated that 53 percent of Americans believe the COVID-19 injections caused serious side effects leading to large number of deaths.

Both companies have seen their stock prices rise following the outbreak of the bird flu among mammals.

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