June 17, 2024

MEL is the fake news AI that’s lying to you through Google.

Pretty much everything that turns up in a Google Search nowadays is bogus thanks to Big Media’s collusive efforts to populate the entire internet with fake, AI-generated trash.

We have learned that major media outlets have partnered with an artificial intelligence company called AdVon Commerce that is publishing tens of thousands of fake products reviews all over Google Search results that trick people into buying garbage products.

Chris Menahan of Information Liberation knows full well what we here at Natural News also know about how neither of these two websites show up in Google Search due to blacklisting from “trusted flaggers.” Now, Big Media is populating the rest of Google Search results with propaganda, misinformation and scams – all produced by AI.

“Regime media have been taking advantage of this setup for years with low-quality clickbait but now they’re taking spamming / SEO manipulation to a whole new level with AI,” Menahan warns.

I kept digging into that AI company behind Sports Illustrated’s fake writers. Turns out it’s created tons more fake writers across the web, sometimes for surprisingly huge media clients. And then things get even wilder…

For @futurism // https://t.co/CzVSglV3zN pic.twitter.com/ZupOG5Om5G

— Maggie Harrison Dupré (@mags_h11) May 8, 2024

MEL, the fake news AI that’s lying to you through Google

The way the fake news portion of the scam works is that AI programs from AdVon Commerce are generating fake news articles written by fake authors – and many of the media names included in the scam are big names that many people trust.

“We found AdVon’s fake authors at the LA TimesUs Weekly and HollywoodLife, to name a few,” tweeted Futurism writer Maggie Harrison Dupré (@mags_h11).

“AdVon’s fake author network was particularly extensive at the McClatchy media network, where we found at least 14 fake authors at more than 20 of its papers, including the Miami Herald.”

Dupré also says she and her colleagues have uncovered fake editorial content as well, though AdVon denies this.

“AdVon materials we obtained revealed that the company has its own designated AI text generator,” Dupré warned. “That AI has a name: MEL.”

A MEL training video obtained by Dupré shows a manager at AdVon teaching staffers how to create one of the company’s lengthy buying guide posts using the AI writing program.

“The article rings in at 1,800 words – but the only text that the manager writes herself is the four-word title,” Dupré explained in a series of tweets.

AdVon is involved in producing fake, AI-generated content for other major media outlets like Sports Illustrated as well. The company also publishes fake reviews bearing the names and fictional biographies of fake writers – complete with fake, AI-generated profile pictures.

“What we found should alarm anyone who cares about a trustworthy and ethical media industry,” Dupré said. “Basically, AdVon engages in what Google calls “site reputation abuse”: it strikes deals with publishers in which it provides huge numbers of extremely low-quality product reviews – often for surprisingly prominent publications – intended to pull in traffic from people Googling things like ‘best ab roller.’”

“The idea seems to be that these visitors will be fooled into thinking the recommendations were made by the publication’s actual journalists and click one of the articles’ affiliate links, kicking back a little money if they make a purchase.”

After Dupré sent a list of detailed questions about all this to McClatchy, a major publisher of regional newspapers across the United States, McClatchy ended its relationship with AdVon and deleted hundreds of stories from 20 different regional papers, stories that were determined to have been “authored” by at least 14 fake authors.

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