July 13, 2024

After cows, humans may one day face injection with a climate change vaccine.

The Bill Gates-connected startup ArkeaBio issued a press release in May detailing the firm’s acquisition of $26.5 million for development of a ‘methane vaccine’ for cows.

The firm alleges that the world is gripped by a climate change crisis and that methane from cows is at least partially to blame. They are hoping that injecting the animals with exotic technology to alter their bodies will reduce methane production.

“Reducing methane emissions from the agricultural sector is one of the most pressing challenges in today’s fight against climate change,” Chris Rivest, Chairman of the Board at ArkeaBio said, according to the press release.

While the climate change vaccine is intended for use in livestock, specifically ruminant animals such as bovine, the press release doesn’t make it clear if future research may expand the exotic technology to humans, which also produce methane.

“ArkeaBio research and development results have garnered substantial attention from investors for the advancement of the inaugural methane-reducing vaccine, designed for safe and rapid implementation within existing on-farm practices,” the press release said.

While the press release didn’t specifically say what technology the new climate change injections would employ, it would be logical to expect mRNA gene therapy will play a major roll, as the Covid genetic-altering injections mainstreamed the novel technology.

“Such vaccines would certainly incorporate dangerous mRNA technology, just as tetanus shots now do,” Scott C. Tips, president of the National Health Federation said, according to The Defender.

While it is unclear if tetanus vaccines currently employ mRNA technology as no results on the matter could be found, mRNA technology for other ailments are currently in development.

GoodRx reports that mRNA vaccine for Influenza, Zika, RSV, HIV, CMV and cancer are all currently in development.

Alex Jones not only warned about the dangers of classical vaccines back in 2002, but that the plan is to eventually genetically modify humans via vaccines, including edible vaccines in food,

Jones had predicted that the climate change crisis will be linked to pandemic crises to justify a global health authority back in the 1990s.

Jones reported on the attack against farm animals for their gasses and that meat will be under attack in the name of climate change back in 2009.

He also reported on the development of DNA altering injections, such as mRNA and viral vector technology back in 2015.

Although seemingly no work has yet been published to forward the agenda of vaccinating humans for climate change, the two globalist agendas are now inseparably linked, something Alex Jones had been predicting will happen for decades.

Big Pharma corporation GSK had stated that vaccines play a crucial roll in climate change while the global-establishment-promoting media outlet Devex reported that vaccine innovation is a critical response to the climate crisis. The CEO of Covid vaccine producer AstraZeneca said that the climate crisis is a health crisis and the World Economic Forum reported that the United Nations also views the climate crisis as a health crisis, as do they as well.

Bill Gates founded the investment fund which made the first financial contribution to the climate change vaccine company.

“The Boston-based startup secured its first major investment in late 2022 from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, an investment fund founded by billionaire Bill Gates,” Frontline News said.

While being in the business of supposedly treating disease has reaped big profits for Big Pharma, expanding the industry out to treat an alleged meteorological crises is expected to increase profits for the drug industry.

“The biggest push, however, is coming from the pharmaceutical industry, as vaccine makers claim vaccines are a ‘critical response to the climate crisis.’ In December, pharmaceutical giant GSK wrote on its website that ‘[i]n the face of climate change, vaccines play a crucial but underestimated role’,” Frontline News said. “AstraZeneca last year declared climate change to be a public health crisis, sparking concerns that the pharma industry may play a role in climate mandates. The declaration came two months after drugmaker Sanofi’s Executive Vice President of Vaccines Thomas Triomphe penned an article titled ‘Vaccine innovation is a critical response to the climate crisis’.”

Cows produce methane due to gut microbes, so a methane vaccine would need to alter the physiological processes to which the animals break down food.

“An additional concern is that cattle everywhere will develop serious gastrointestinal illnesses as their immune systems attack these naturally occurring methane-producing non-pathogenic organisms,” James Lyons-Weiler, a research scientist and author said, according to The Defender. “Entire ‘vaccinated’ herds will become commercially unviable, and the meat industry will be destroyed. It is entirely reasonable to suspect this is the ultimate goal of this insane endeavor.”

While the alleged climate change crisis alters the weather, ‘weather reports’ may be issued in the future to green-light people to go outside, or relegate them to quarantine, as reported by Jones.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken a ‘One Health‘ approach to the medicalization of the world – viewing all life on earth as a single system to be manipulated in symbiosis with the WHO’s goals.

“It recognizes that the health of humans, domestic and wild animals, plants, and the wider environment (including ecosystems) are closely linked and interdependent,” the WHO said. “By linking humans, animals and the environment, One Health can help to address the full spectrum of disease control – from prevention to detection, preparedness, response and management – and contribute to global health security.”

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