June 17, 2024

Bird flu has already been detected in milk

Bird flu has been detected in beef for the first came, according to the USDA, which sought to reassure the public that the food supply is still safe.

The announcement came on Friday after the USDA tested the carcasses of 96 dairy cows that were diverted out of the food supply when federal inspectors noticed signs of illness during the course of routine inspections. Just a single carcass was found to contain bird flu.

The USDA is also testing ground beef in retail stores, but so far no contamination has been detected.

Bird flu has been confirmed among dairy herds in nine states and in milk. Large numbers of poultry have been slaughtered as a preventative measure as a result of the outbreak, which began in 2022.

Three people have contracted bird flu in the US since 2022. Most recently, two farmworkers at dairies in Michigan and Texas contracted the disease. None have displayed any serious symptoms.

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