July 13, 2024

6 people stabbed in separate attacks by suspect who identifies as transgender woman.

A man has been taken into custody after six people, including 4 girls at a movie theater, were stabbed in separate attacks, police in Massachusetts said.

Police said suspect Jared Ravizza entered an AMC multiplex without paying on Saturday evening and suddenly attacked four girls ages 9 to 17 “without saying anything and without any warning” and then fled.

“Without saying anything and without any warning, he suddenly attacked and stabbed the four young females,” police said of the suspect. “The attack appeared to be unprovoked. After the attack, the man ran out of the theater and left in a vehicle.”

The girls suffered non-life threatening injuries and were taken to hospitals.

An AMC employee said the suspect was wearing “an oversized trench coat, sunglasses, and a long blonde wig,” according to CBS Boston.

Massachusetts State Police said the vehicle identified as Ravizza’s later left a McDonald’s restaurant 27 miles south of the first attack, where a 21-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man were found stabbed.

From CNN:

Police discovered the suspect had left the theater in what appeared to be a black SUV, and video footage allowed authorities to capture its license plate, the release says. A vehicle matching the description was “reportedly involved in similar assault in Plymouth,” which is about a 30-minute drive south of Braintree, police said.

About an hour after the first attack, around 7:04 p.m., police were called to a reported stabbing at a McDonald’s in Plymouth, according to a news release from Massachusetts State Police.

State troopers soon located a vehicle matching the description of one driven by the suspect, state police said, but it failed to stop when state troopers tried to pull it over. Massachusetts State Police chased the vehicle, which ended in a crash in Sandwich, about a 25-minute drive south of Plymouth, according to police.

“Preliminary investigation suggests a likely connection to an earlier incident at a movie theatre in Braintree resulting in non-life threatening injuries to four juveniles,” state police said.

The two victims were also taken to the hospital with injuries.

Connecticut State Police are also investigating a death in Deep River, believing the incident is connected to the other crimes in Massachusetts.

Notably, Ravizza identifies as a transgender female activist.

🚨BREAKING: The suspect in the stabbing of four girls at an AMC theater in Massachusetts has been located and arrested. His name is Jared Ravizza.

Allegedly, Ravizza is a transgender activist who identifies as a woman.

After fleeing the theater, he went on another stabbing… pic.twitter.com/MEIeghjQWC

— I Meme Therefore I Am 🇺🇸 (@ImMeme0) May 26, 2024

BREAKING: The suspect arrested for the stabbing spree at an AMC theater in Massachusetts which injured 4, has been identified as Jared Ravizza. It appears to be the same Jared Ravizza, a trans activist who’s a man who thinks he’s a woman.

More LGBTQ t*rr*rism. pic.twitter.com/t9lRar8HG1

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) May 26, 2024

The trans activist who was arrested for going on a stabbing spree in Massachusetts and injured 4 young girls, is an Obama supporter.

This story is going to disappear before you can blink. pic.twitter.com/hzpFunVrAk

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) May 26, 2024

I would love someone to run the numbers, because it seems like trans people have to be the demographic with the largest share of mass violence.

It’s like .05% of the population commits 1/4 of the mass shootings/stabbings. https://t.co/vYJ9M76El6

— Harrison H. Smith ✞ (@HarrisonHSmith) May 26, 2024

Watch the media suddenly make this story disappear from the airwaves.

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