July 21, 2024

Clot Shot: Whistleblower Mortician Exposes The Truth About Blood Clots From Covid Vaccine

Richard Hirschman joins Toxic Culture to break down how Big Pharma pulled off the biggest medical scam in history and is profiting from the Covid vaccine’s dangerous side effects.

Richard Hirschman is a mortician who discovered unnatural blood clots in the bodies he was prepping for funerals.

He is one of the leading whistleblowers on how Covid vaccines are causing innumerable side effects – especially blood clots – and how they’re killing adults and even kids as young as 12.

On this second episode of Toxic Culture, Hirschman touches on his background, how God has lead him down this path to expose how big Pharma is pulling off one of the biggest scams in history since the Tuskegee experiment, and how they are killing the human race as they profit off of the Covid vaccine.

Toxic Culture: Episode 2 pic.twitter.com/0W7pixixTi

— InfowarsRob (@IWROB76) March 30, 2024