June 18, 2024

Moise Lohombo assaulted and raped his mother after being released from prison

A Congolese migrant to Germany who was feted by the German press has been jailed for nine years for assaulting and raping his own mother.

RMX News reports that Moise Lohombo, 30, was sentenced by the Wiesbaden District Court for the offences. The judge said the details of the case were so appalling he thought he had misread the file.

Lohombo assaulted and raped his mother in an apartment they shared, shortly after being released from prison for a drug-related offence. He threatened his mother with a knife and told her he would kill her if she didn’t have sex with him.

His mother was left with serious physical and psychological injuries by the attack. It’s claimed she told nurses at the hospital that she was afraid she would be pregnant with her son’s child.

The court rejected pleas from the defence to allow Lohombo to be treated in a psychiatric institution.

Lohombo was portrayed by German liberal media as a textbook success for integration. He arrived in the country at the age of 8, and after a misspent youth in which he accrued a considerable list of criminal convictions to his name, he was championed by the media for turning his back on crime to become an apprentice baker and a boxer.

“If you sit across from Moise Lohombo over a latte, you see a charming, friendly young man who enthusiastically shows pictures of his bull terrier dog Betty on his cell phone,” reported a piece in the Deutsche Handwerkszeitung in 2017.

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