June 25, 2024

Why would you do this to yourself?

A viral TikTok video highlighting the cultural rot America is gripped in shows a crying single mom baking birthday cupcakes for herself so her fatherless children will sing “Happy Birthday” to her.

“Being a single mom is making your own birthday cake on your birthday so that your babies can feel happy they are singing to you,” the woman wrote on her TikTok post.

Did this bitch really film herself crying and baking a cake?! Has she tried not being unlovable?pic.twitter.com/algM8Guja7

— Royce Lopez (@hippojuicefilm) May 21, 2024

Social media users dunked on the single mom for filming the vid, let alone posting it to social media.

It’s crazy bc she watched it, edited it, and posted it as well. These ppl are not to be taken serious.

— Lorde V (@VashaunBlanks) May 21, 2024

“oh no I’m gonna cry, let me get my phone”

I’ll never understand this mindset

— the noooticer (@TheNoooticer) May 21, 2024

Fake tears for online attention.

— American Dad (@_NotAmericanDad) May 21, 2024

I always use tears for my birthday cakes. It’s what keeps it moist.

— Rachel (@meta_rach) May 21, 2024

Let’s review the steps. She set up the phone. Filmed a video of herself crying. Stopped the recording. Watched it back. Edited. Added sad music. Posted it. And this is assuming there weren’t multiple takes.

Truly psychotic behavior. Very disturbing how common this has become. https://t.co/ljQRmdLKQW

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) May 21, 2024

This trend of women posting themselves playing the victim and crying on social media has to stop.

She is processing the most triggering breakup she’s had in 9 years. pic.twitter.com/lY9j3tIFh2

— Censored Men (@CensoredMen) June 15, 2023

33 yr old woman, that’s been single for 7 yrs crying about being single.

Why are women doing this and how many guys did she pass on to get to this point? pic.twitter.com/dKj7da1G9G

— Richard Cooper (@Rich_Cooper) May 20, 2024

Who is going to tell her? pic.twitter.com/t3kePKg1SA

— Giga Based Dad (@GigaBasedDad) May 16, 2024


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