June 18, 2024

Trump posted parody video of Tom Petty’s hit song “Free Falling” featuring Biden falling on stage, stumbling up steps of Air Force One, wandering aimlessly, and sniffing women and children.

Allies of Joe Biden appear to be attempting to scrub a viral parody music video highlighting Jee Biden’s cognitive decline.

Trump on Friday posted to Truth Social a parody music video of Tom Petty’s hit song “Free Falling” mocking Biden’s many gaffes.

The “Keeps Falling” video features Biden collapsing on stage, stumbling up the steps of Air Force One, aimlessly wandering around and creepily sniffing women and children.

But by Sunday, the video was removed across the X platform with a disclaimer that read, “This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

OMG! Donald Trump just posted this video on Truth Social. 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥https://t.co/qzEfCDM4p7 pic.twitter.com/jARrh0fCHL

— Steve 🇺🇸 (@SteveLovesAmmo) May 17, 2024

The viral video was created by comedian and Fox News Saturday Night host Jimmy Failla, from his album “The More You Joe” produced by “C’Mon Man Records.”

It’s highly unlikely Failla would have made the copyright complaint given he shared the video on Thursday while boasting of “big accounts” that also shared it on social media.

The attempted copyright strike begs the question: who exactly ordered the takedown of the politically damaging video against Biden?

Though an individual or entity hasn’t yet taken responsibility, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that the Democrat Party in some capacity was behind it.

After all, check out the lyrics of the hilarious “Keeps Falling” song:

He’s an old guy

has dementia,

can’t lead us.

And the country is screwed.

Tells some big lies,

barely speaks English,

sniffs children,

and their mom’s hair, too,

Goes the wrong way.

When he leaves his speeches,

Gets lost each day.

In the White House yard,

All the Dems say

that we should reelect him.

How can he win?

When walking is hard?

And Joe Keeps, (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

Keeps falling (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

And Joe keeps (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

Keeps falling (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

Fortunately, the viral nature of the video ensures it won’t be completely censored, as some versions can still be viewed on X and Truth Social.

This comes as recent polls show Biden losing support among young people, blacks and Hispanics across all age groups, while Trump is leading the 81-year-old puppet president in five of six swing states.

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