June 25, 2024

Illegal aliens are renting food-delivery accounts for legitimate drivers and paying them kickbacks

Journalists from Muckraker.com have exposed a black market employment scheme for illegal aliens, in which illegals rent accounts from DoorDash and UberEats drivers and pay them kickbacks from the money they earn.

In a ten-minute video posted to Twitter, journalists from Muckraker interview Chinese illegals who are fraudulently driving for the two biggest food-delivery firms.

Illegals rent a delivery account from a legitimate driver and then pay a 15% kickback to the account owner on all the money they earn.

Muckraker note that, “At the time of Laken Riley’s murder, the wife of the murderer, Jose Ibarra, said that he had been driving for Uber Eats and DoorDash. Both Uber and DoorDash denied ever employing Ibarra. This means that he was likely driving under another person’s account in a similar manner to the Chinese illegals we interviewed.”

Muckraker Exposes Chinese Illegal Alien Black Market Employment Scheme – A SIMILAR SCHEME WAS LIKELY USED BY LAKEN RILEY’S KILLER

Muckraker has obtained exclusive interviews with Chinese illegal aliens who are fraudulently driving for @UberEats and @DoorDash.

The illegals rent… pic.twitter.com/WioCi0bXTI

— Muckraker.com (@realmuckraker) May 15, 2024

Muckraker also note that “the public safety risks here are astounding,” since the scheme allows unvetted illegals to gain “close access to the homes of thousands of Americans.”

The Chinese illegals Muckraker spoke to said they lived in fear of retribution from the Chinese government, which raises the possibility that they could be “coerced to engage in espionage activities.”

A number of senators, including Senator Marsha Blackburn, have already sent letters to DoorDash and UberEats demanding answers about the illegal scheme.

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