June 25, 2024

Suspects part of “larger group that has been hitting other shopping malls” in Pennsylvania-New Jersey region, authorities say

Authorities in Pennsylvania are searching for female suspects who forced their way into a designer fashion boutique and ripped off thousands of dollars of merchandise in just 30 seconds amid a rash of similar retail thefts in the region.

The incident unfolded in Upper Merion Township just before 7 p.m. on May 16, but information and images of the suspects were just released on Wednesday.

Four women attempted to enter a Givenchy store at King of Prussia Mall but were told by security they could only come in one at a time.

When a guard cracked the door, the thieves shoved their way inside and one of the women discharged pepper spray at security and an employee.

The other suspects began “forcibly ripping” merchandise off of anti-theft cables.

The women managed to make off with approximately $8,000 worth of gear in under 30 seconds, running to a waiting vehicle and fleeing the scene.

“Our investigation indicates that these females are part of a larger group that has been hitting other shopping malls in PA and NJ,” Upper Merion Police explained in a press release.

The suspects are all described as ‘younger black females,’ none of whom had been apprehended as of Wednesday.

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