June 25, 2024

The Bezos Earth Fund has committed $100 million to transform food production and agriculture

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has donated $30 million to fund a research center for manufacturing “sustainable proteins” like lab-grown meat.

The Bezos Center for Sustainable Protein opened its doors at North Carolina State University on Friday, with the help of a substantial grant from the $10-billion Bezos Earth Fund.

The Center, which is intended to be a “biomanufacturing hub for dietary proteins that are environmentally friendly, healthy, tasty, and affordable,” will focus on researching and commercializing technologies like cell-cultured meat—a.k.a. lab-grown meat—and precision fermentation, which uses processes similar to the manufacture of beer to grown proteins and other products.

The Bezos Earth Fund has earmarked $100 million for a network of research centers dedicated to research into “sustainable proteins,” as part of a broader $1 billion committed to transform food production and agriculture.

“Food production is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s critical we find ways to feed a growing population without degrading the planet,” said Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the Earth Fund in a statement.

I had a great time talking to the mighty @HarrisonHSmith on INFOWARS yesterday about everything from testosterone to PFAS pollution. Here we are talking about lab-grown meat, which was served to paying customers in the US this week for the very first time. pic.twitter.com/HCQXwr5mgU

— RAW EGG NATIONALIST (@Babygravy9) July 8, 2023

The opening of the Bezos Center comes hot on the heels of two state-wide bans on the production and sale of lab-grown meat. Alabama and Florida have now both enacted bans into law.

“What we’re protecting here is the industry against acts of man, against an ideological agenda that wants to finger agriculture as the problem, that uses things like raising cattle as destroying our climate,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said, after signing his state’s bill.

“This will be people who will lecture the rest of us about things like global warming, they will say you can’t drive an internal combustion vehicle, they will say agriculture is bad, meanwhile, they’re flying to Davos in their private jets.”

Arizona and Tennessee are also considering similar legislation at the present.

As well as these state-level bans, there are regulations at the federal and state level preventing manufacturers of lab-grown meat from calling their products “meat” and requiring them to label their products as “lab-grown.”

What this summary of GOOD Meat’s pre-market consultation with the FDA won’t tell you is that the lab-grown chicken is being made by a Chinese company with close ties to the Chinese military’s bioweapons program. Luckily, I’m here to tell you that. 👇 https://t.co/2TjSB6Pa5b pic.twitter.com/YiPYSrIpHH

— RAW EGG NATIONALIST (@Babygravy9) May 17, 2023

Despite its status as an official “food of the future,” lab-grown meat has been dogged by persistent scandals and suggestions that the product will fail to live up to its hype, may not be scalable and could even be significantly worse for the environment than the animal products it is intended to replace.

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