July 20, 2024

The first debate is taking place in June

The Democrats are insisting on holding the debates sooner rather than later, so they can evaluate Biden’s “mental acuity” and replace him if needs be, according to journalist John Fund.

Fund made the claim in a interview with GB News in which he discussed Biden’s mental issues at length.

“Well, very simply, there has to be an explanation why Joe Biden insisted on a debate in early June, which is the earliest any debate will have been held,” he said.

“It will be held both before the Republican convention and the Democratic Convention. I can only draw one conclusion and that is [to do with] Joe Biden’s shall we say, ‘mental alertness issues.’”

Fund speculated that if Biden performed poorly, this would give the Democrats time to replace him at the Convention, even though the Convention “has been in lockstep with whoever has won the primaries.”

“Conventions can change their mind,” Fund added.

He also noted that, even if Biden isn’t replaced, holding the debates as early as possible will help to reduce any negative effects on the election in November.

Fund also warned that “expectations are too high for him,” which could play into his opponent’s hands during the debates.

“It’s also a trap set up for Trump, because most people think that Donald Trump would win the debate, at least on style points, because he’s aggressive and forceful and Biden is not.

“On the other hand, Biden has shown he can wield very sharp rhetoric against Trump.”

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