July 20, 2024

Actor under fire for tame comments, such as suggesting transgender kids may someday change their minds about their identities

Leftists are criticizing veteran actor Richard Dreyfuss for daring to speak his mind regarding transgender children and some other taboo topics.

Following a screening of his legendary film “Jaws” on Saturday, Dreyfuss participated in a Q&A event at The Cabot in Beverly, Massachusetts.

The actor took the stage wearing a dress before a pair of assistants came and ripped it off him.

Next, Dreyfuss began discussing his book, “One Thought Scares Me…,” explaining to the crowd civics was taken out of the American public school curriculum fifty years ago.

Since then, the actor said, “We have no knowledge of who the hell we are. And if we don’t get it back soon, we’re all gonna die.”

“Make sure that your kids are not the last generation of Americans. You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

In a moment that was not captured on film, Dreyfuss said, “The parents of trans youth, allowing them to transition, was bad parenting and that someday those kids might change their minds,” according to a woman in attendance.

Another attendee wrote on Facebook, “Wow. He was awful. Sexist, mean, arrogant. I walked out as did many others even before the Jaws screening. Awful.”

While some liberals complained online about the actor’s remarks, it appears the majority of people in the crowd appreciated his comments as they gave him a standing ovation when he exited the stage.

There has been no transcript of the event released, but The Cabot did issue an apology following the incident, writing, “We deeply regret that Mr. Dreyfuss’s comments during the event were not in line with the values of inclusivity we uphold at The Cabot.”

The freakout is reminiscent of the backlash NFL kicker Harrison Butker received for making statements promoting the nuclear family and motherhood.

Cancel Culture may finally be dying as it’s unlikely this hiccup will result in a stain on the actor’s epic career.

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