June 18, 2024

The 40-year-old migrant knifeman began slashing at passers-by near the Zofingen train station on Wednesday afternoon.

A 40-year-old foreign national remains in police custody in Switzerland after randomly attacking several people including a pregnant woman in the city of Zofingen on Wednesday afternoon.

The attack occurred shortly after 4 p.m. local time, with police receiving calls that a knifeman was rampaging through the street near the Zofingen train station, stabbing people indiscriminately.

It is understood that six people were injured in the spree. All victims were transported to the hospital and are receiving treatment. At least two people were seriously injured.

Two teachers at the cantonal school in Zofingen are understood to be among the injured.

“I heard screaming in front of my shop and then saw a factory employee from the city of Zofingen who was in a scuffle with a dark-skinned man,” an eyewitness told Swiss news outlet 20 minuten.

The brave civilian sustained several injuries as he attempted to restrain the perpetrator after an initial attack on a pregnant woman.

“He had injuries to his neck and forehead,” the eyewitness added, telling Swiss media that an off-duty nurse in the vicinity started giving first aid to the victims while waiting for emergency responders.

Around two hours after the attack, police managed to overpower the knifeman and he was arrested. He is understood to be a 40-year-old of foreign origin and remains in police custody.

According to a spokesman for Aargau cantonal police, the perpetrator did not have any identification documents on him, which is why little is known about him. His nationality has not been disclosed to the public.

He is currently under police guard and receiving treatment in a local hospital. He sustained injuries that, according to cantonal police spokesman Bernhard Graser were self-inflicted.  

In an interview with Tele M1, the husband of the pregnant woman explained he had been talking to his wife at the moment she was attacked.

“I was on the phone with her when she saw the man. He said hello to her and then grabbed her from behind and hit her.

“She is still in the hospital and has a swollen face. But she’s doing quite well so far,” the husband said, adding that the child appears to remain in good health.

The local football club, SC Zofingen, was forced to cancel a training session to allow an air ambulance to land on the pitch and treat the victims. They were subsequently airlifted to the cantonal hospital in Aarau around 20 kilometers from Zofingen.

Police restrictions were removed on Thursday after the authorities confirmed that there was no further immediate risk to the public.

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