June 17, 2024

Wild footage shows fireball over ocean

North Korea allegedly launched a missile over the sea of Japan on Monday, just hours after announcing it would be launching a military reconnaissance satellite, according to AP.

Japanese officials were aware North Korea planned on launching a satellite, but Japan and South Korea are saying what was fired into the ocean appeared to be a missile.

The launch caused the Japanese government to send a warning to residents in a southern prefecture of Okinawa, calling for locals to take cover before eventually lifting the warning when it was clear the missile wasn’t heading over Japanese land.

Footage being spread online allegedly shows the moment the projectile blew up over the Sea of Japan.

🚨JUST IN: Explosion reported over the Sea of Japan.

The incident occurred after Japan detected an ‘unidentified projectile’ launched from North Korea. https://t.co/LOhAdWWxAS pic.twitter.com/4etaOcq64m

— The Worldview Monitor (@WorldviewFeed) May 27, 2024

South Korea’s military was conducting air drills during the launch, as the nation decided to begin preparations when North Korea announced it would launch a satellite.

S. Korea conducts military air drills in response to N. Korea’s satellite launch notice#SouthKorea #Military #Fighter_jets #F35A #F15K #Attack_training #대한민국 #전투기 #타격훈련 #Arirang_News #아리랑뉴스 pic.twitter.com/NPHhQXvYGO

— Arirang News (@arirangtvnews) May 27, 2024

This article will be updated as the story develops.

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