July 20, 2024

135 of the city’s roughly 680 hotels have been converted to shelters for illegal aliens, and not a single one has converted back to a traditional hotel.

Average hotel room prices in New York City have exploded now that 20% of hotels have been converted into shelters for illegal aliens.

The average hotel room rate in the city reached a record high of $301 a night since 1 out of every 5 hotels have turned into migrant shelters since 2022, the New York Times reported last week.

“About 135 of the city’s roughly 680 hotels entered the shelter program, with many congregated in Midtown Manhattan, Long Island City in Queens and near Kennedy International Airport — all traditional magnets for tourists,” The Times reported.

“Participating hotels are paid up to $185 a night per room, according to the city. Not a single one has converted back into a traditional hotel.

From The Times continued:

The migrant shelters — along with other factors that include inflation, the loss of Airbnb short-term rentals and an expected decline in new hotel construction — have propelled the nightly cost of an average room to record levels.

The average daily rate for a hotel stay in New York City increased to $301.61 in 2023, up 8.5 percent from $277.92 in 2022, according to CoStar, a leading provider of commercial real estate data and analysis. During the first three months of 2024, when prices traditionally dip, the average stay was still 6.7 percent higher than during the same time period last year: $230.79 a night, up from $216.38 in 2023.

All told, NYC surrendered 16,532 hotel rooms to the 65,000 migrants that have flooded the city, leaving 121,677 hotel rooms for travelers, according to data compiled by CoStar.

The city said the sheltering program will cost $10 billion over three fiscal years.

“During peak periods, try getting a hotel on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night in midtown Manhattan, and, if you can, you could end up paying dearly,” said Daniel H. Lesser, a co-founder of LW Hospitality Advisors. “It’s all supply-and-demand related, and the migrant rooms have reduced the amount of supply.”

To add insult to injury, the price hikes are affecting middle-class tourists the most since migrants have taken the majority of affordable options.

“I really believe it’s enabled two-, two-and-a-half-star hotels to be a little more emboldened, to take advantage of the situation and charge prices that perhaps they wouldn’t otherwise be able to,” said Sean Hennessey, a hotel industry adviser and clinical associate professor at New York University.

This is a long-term resettlement/invasion campaign instigated by the Biden administration’s open-border agenda and it’s unlikely these hotels will ever convert back to regular lodgings for ordinary Americans, given what we’re already seeing in Europe.

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