June 18, 2024

DA punishing shop owner worse than thief

Security footage captured the moment New York City liquor store owner Francisco Valerio shot a thief who was attacking him at the door of the shop.

The video shows Francisco’s brother Luis escorting suspects Kevin Pullatasi and Edwin Paiquiza out of the store and onto the sidewalk.

Pullatasi then runs towards the door and starts kicking and throwing punches at Francisco, who responds by swinging his fist at the thief while holding a gun in his hand.

Francisco claims he accidentally fired a shot while trying to hit the assailant with the firearm.

NEW: New York City liquor store owner is facing 7 years in prison after shooting a thief who assaulted him and tried stealing from his store.

The incident happened after Francisco Valerio and his brother Luis caught Kevin Pullutasi and Edwin Paiquiza stealing.

The owners shoved… pic.twitter.com/JwnXaSMQS5

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) May 22, 2024

The incident took place in Queens, where District Attorney Melinda Katz is seeking felony charges against the liquor store owner despite the fact he has a concealed-carry permit and has no criminal record.

If convicted, Francisco could lose his business and be sent to prison for years.

Meanwhile, Pullutasi is expected to recover from his injury and face assault and petit larceny charges, a lesser punishment than Katz handed down to Francisco.

“Two crimes resulted in three people being charged. The store owner was physically attacked by one of the men. Unfortunately, as alleged, that led to a reckless shooting by the store owner on a public street in broad daylight,” she said.

Francisco has not been allowed to post bail and will be back in court later this month.

This type of upside-down “justice” system is one major reason millions of Americans are fleeing blue cities being intentionally destroyed by Democrat policies.

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