June 18, 2024

More power outages expected as storm continues to travel across state

Sever thunderstorms have left more than 650,000 customers in Texas without power Tuesday morning, with more outages expected as the weather event moves through the state.

According to CNN, “Storms were roaring through the Dallas-Fort Worth metro early Tuesday morning, delivering hurricane-force wind gusts and stirring tornado fears. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport recorded a wind gust of 77 mph early Tuesday as power outages in the region started to skyrocket.”

Nearly 600,000 customers are without power in Texas and that number is expected to climb as destructive storms slam the Dallas-Fort Worth area#texas #poweroutage #severeweather pic.twitter.com/41DfOEDl4m

— In2ThinAir (@In2ThinAir) May 28, 2024

Footage posted on X shows some of the powerful wind in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW).

🤯 THIS is what Texas woke up to this morning. Winds are peaking at
10O MPH in some spots!#Texas #Weather #Severeweather #DFW pic.twitter.com/qTorLmgQIF

— In2ThinAir (@In2ThinAir) May 28, 2024

Gooood Morning Dallas, nearly 80mph winds moving thru DFW pic.twitter.com/y8p4rB0fTn

— Dallas Texas TV (@DallasTexasTV) May 28, 2024

#Dallas #Texas is a mess this morning. 600K+ without power pic.twitter.com/kVzzAshTOZ

— Texas Storm Chasers ⚡ (@TxStormChasers) May 28, 2024

Another video shows sever flooding in the DFW area as well as electric transformers exploding. (Vulgar language warning)

Wild storms in the DFW metroplex causing flooding and power outages this morning pic.twitter.com/x195HMdtwi

— Dallas Texas TV (@DallasTexasTV) May 28, 2024

Walmart customers in Hurst, Texas, had to cover themselves to avoid being hit by hail that was coming inside the store!

Hail coming thru the roof of Walmart in Hurst this evening pic.twitter.com/uqroLT51dC

— Dallas Texas TV (@DallasTexasTV) May 28, 2024

Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, massive storms hit Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kentucky, and Virginia, causing extensive damage and killing at least 23 people.

On May 17 in Houston, Texas, a storm killed five people and left more than 600,000 without power.

Many people online have been questioning if the U.S. is being hit with some type of weather weapon, and with quotes like the one below floating around you can’t blame them for wondering!

🥶President LYNDON B. JOHNSON in 1962
“He who controls the weather will control the world!”#weather #radar #Anomaly #tornado pic.twitter.com/prIAgLcogD

— In2ThinAir (@In2ThinAir) May 28, 2024

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