July 13, 2024

Citing expert testimony by Canadian anesthesiology Dr. Joel Zivot, Canadian combat veteran Kelsi Sheren explained to Jordan Peterson that the drugs used to kill euthanasia victims produces a death akin to waterboarding.

(LifeSiteNews) — While marketed and pushed under the guise of painless compassion, the method used to kill Canadians under the nation’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) euthanasia program may actually be akin to waterboarding.

During a May 6 episode of renowned anti-woke Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson’s podcast, Sheren, a combat veteran and artillery gunner in the Canadian military, revealed that the drugs used in MAiD essentially waterboard a person to death.   

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“What I found out yesterday that really bothered me was the mechanism of the actual procedure,” she began, comparing Canada’s current practices to those in Nazis Germany. “The reason people in Canada who are given MAiD seem peaceful is because they’re given a paralytic first so they’re completely paralyzed, then this drug is administered as one of the four and they start drowning to death.”

Sheren cited the testimony of Canadian Dr. Joel Zivot, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Surgery Emory at the University School of Medicine Atlanta, Georgia.  

In February 2021, Zivot refuted the Canadian government’s claim that Midazolam, a drug used in MAiD, provided “relief from anxiety” and “comfort to the patient.” 

Instead, he testified to the Canadian Senate that “muscle relaxants when used in MAID will produce death by suffocation.” 

“The MAID protocol very likely causes lung congestion in a similar fashion to that which has been shown in over 200 cases of lethal injection in the U.S.,” he said, referencing a Freedom of Information Act request containing the autopsies of around 300 Americans who were executed using the same drugs as Canada’s MAiD program.   

According to Sheren, “85% of those bodies showed a two times level increase of water in the lungs. What was happening is when this drug is pushed, it causes a drowning and it’s stated as akin to dying by water boarding or drowning.” 

In his testimony, Zivot explained that the muscle relaxant drugs given during MAiD “will produce an outwardly observed stillness as a consequence of muscle paralysis than has wrongly and repeatedly been described as a state of peacefulness.” 

“The only way to refute the hypothesis that the MAiD protocol causes pulmonary fluid accumulation and death akin drowning is by obtaining Canadian data through autopsy studies on at least 200 individuals put to death by MAID,” he argued.  

Sheren further revealed that Canadians who received MAiD could be internally drowning for some time while their bodies are completely paralyzed.  

“Dying with Dignity says that this is a painless death,” she stated. “Well, if you take MAiD orally, it takes between 30 minutes to 24 hours.” 

“24 hours of active drowning while you’re under a paralytic,” Sheren declared.  

“That’s how dying with Dignity in the Canadian government has disguised MAiD, while they’re offering it to Canadian veterans instead of treatment, so they don’t have to pay for their pensions, so they don’t have to pay for their healthcare,” she lamented.   

Sheren further revealed that the Canadian government has chosen to give their citizens a terrifying and sometimes lengthy death as a way to save on providing real healthcare.  

“In 2021, they had a gross reduction in healthcare of $19.2 million,” she said. “When they did MAiD, they saved another (…) $22 million.” 

“By the end of it all in that year the healthcare system, just from doing MAiD instead of actually giving people palliative of care, [saved] $86.9 million,” Sheren continued.  

“We deserve better and so do our kids and so do our citizens. We don’t deserve this Canada,” she declared. 

“I’ve seen this done to someone,” she continued. “You don’t wish that on anyone. It would have been easier it’s easier to put bricks around my feet and go jump in the ocean than it is to die by MAiD. That is a terrifying way to die.”  

In Canada, MAiD does not yet apply to the mentally ill, as the Liberal government decided to delay the expansion of euthanasia to those suffering solely from such illnesses until 2027 following backlash from Canadians and prominent doctors.     

In January, provincial health ministers went a step further than seeking a delay in the provision, asking for the measure to be “indefinitely” postponed. A request that has yet to be accepted. 

The most recent reports show that MAiD is the sixth highest cause of death in Canada. However, it was not listed as such in Statistics Canada’s top 10 leading causes of death from 2019 to 2022. When asked why MAiD was left off the list, the agency explained that it records the illnesses that led Canadians to choose to end their lives via euthanasia, not the actual cause of death, as the primary cause of death.  

According to Health Canada, in 2022, 13,241 Canadians died by MAiD lethal injections. This accounts for 4.1 percent of all deaths in the country for that year ,a 31.2 percent increase from 2021.      

While the numbers for 2023 have yet to be released, all indications point to a situation even more grim than 2022.   

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