June 17, 2024

Congressman exposes two-tiered justice system

GOP Florida Congressman Byron Donalds went into hostile territory to speak with CNN anchors about the historic conviction of Donald Trump.

The Republican politician explained Joe Biden and the radical left are destroying America by abusing the legal system and launching lawfare against the nation’s leading presidential candidate.

Byron Donalds and CNN host go at it about Trump conviction: pic.twitter.com/U2OzkH4Wtc

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 31, 2024

Attempting to frame the Biden DOJ as impartial, the CNN anchor pointed out the agency is taking Hunter Biden to trial on gun charges next week.

Donalds suggested the only reason the DOJ started investigating Hunter was because House Republicans forced their hand.

Infowars has also noted Hunter’s criminal charges are a slap on the wrist meant to make the government appear fair while the First Son has actually been involved in loads of illegal activity by selling America out to Chinese operatives and being involved with the release of COVID-19.

The congressman continued to tell CNN viewers Joe Biden violated the Espionage Act during his time as vice president but wasn’t charged with crimes due to his old age and dwindling mental state.

In another CNN segment, Donalds again highlighted the two-tiered justice system currently dividing America.

“You have a lot of people in our country, not just Republicans, who are looking at this verdict and saying, ‘This is a sham. This is politicization of the justice system. This is election interference against Donald Trump.’ And, they see whether it’s Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, they are treated very differently than if it’s Trump.”


We were told Biden wouldn’t face prosecution because he’s an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

We were told “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” v. Hillary.

Yet the system targets Trump.

Americans see this 2-tiered system and election interference. pic.twitter.com/s2PBfYlEDB

— Congressman Byron Donalds (@RepDonaldsPress) May 31, 2024

Pro-Trump politicians are on fire in the aftermath of the blatantly corrupt legal attack on the presidential frontrunner.

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