July 13, 2024

“Godfather of Vaccines” testified in 2018 that SV40, human serums, and fragmented DNA were present in a number of vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule.

Dr. Stanley Plotkin, a vaccinologist known as the “Godfather of Vaccines” for his role in consulting vaccine manufacturers, testified in 2018 about the inherent risks of most vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule.

In his deposition before the Oakland County Circuit Court in the State of Michigan, Plotkin admitted that SV40, or simian virus 40, a pathogen linked to cancer, had contaminated a number of vaccines, as well as a pig virus.

In the below, video one of the top vaccine experts in the world admits that many of the shots we take trigger a lifelong allergy against eating beef. He goes on to admit that most vaccines contain cancer, causing monkey viruses.. https://t.co/kKilXNvE8n

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) May 25, 2024

He also admitted that fragmented DNA was present in many vaccines, and the manufacturing process involved the use of human serum and fetal cell lines.

It’s not just the COVID vaccines that are unsafe. Many scheduled vaccines carry inherent risks due to their questionable manufacturing process.

Watch Plotkin’s full deposition:

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