June 17, 2024

Raunchy comedic animated series South Park digs into “body positivity”

Portly pop star Lizzo, who’s been hailed as a leader of the “body positivity” movement, was the latest target of the comedic animated series South Park.

In one of the show’s latest episodes, the plump singer was lampooned with a segment introducing a weight treatment drug called Lizzo, which simply makes users not care about their weight.

In a video going viral on social media, Lizzo reacted with horror and disgust as she filmed herself watching the South Park clip.

Lizzo reacts to South Park roasting her on the new episode about Ozempic 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/2fjVieZ8u6

— FearBuck (@FearedBuck) May 26, 2024

“Guys, my worst fear has been actualized,” Lizzo said in an Instagram post. “I’ve been referenced in a South Park episode.”

Following the clip, Lizzo claimed the show’s satirization meant her efforts to promote fat acceptance were successful.

Salon.com has more on the clip:

As with everything “South Park,” anyone and everyone is fair game for satire. There’s the American healthcare system, which proves too Byzantine for the boys to navigate when trying to obtain medical help for their friend Cartman. Meanwhile many of South Park’s adult residents seem to have gamed the system or received the drugs illegally, and are now holding weight loss parties where crop tops appear mandatory. A few like Stan’s mom Sharon, however, are out of luck. Her insurance won’t cover the drugs since she doesn’t have diabetes, so she instead has turned to an alternative.

“Now there’s a whole new obesity drug for those of us who can’t afford Ozempic and Mounjaro,” Sharon tells Kyle’s mom Sheila. “I controlled all of my cravings to be thinner with Lizzo.”

Cue the fake commercial, as Lizzo reacts live, eyes wide with a hand over her mouth. The ad reveals Lizzo to be an appetite suppressor, packaged in a red and white box. “This is a prescription used along with listening to her songs and watching her music videos to become happy with how you look,” reads the fine print.

An announcer says, “Lizzo makes you feel good about your weight, and it costs 90% less than Ozempic . . . In case studies, 70% of patients on Lizzo no longer care how much they weigh.”

Meanwhile, this information is interspersed with Sharon’s own first-person testimonials. “I’ve lowered my standards and my expectations,” she squeals whilst buying art and riding in bumper cars. “I don’t give two s**ts!”

The clip is part of an hour-long South Park special dubbed, “The End of Obesity,” which satirizes the type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic making headlines with remarkable stories of weight loss.

The so-called body positivity movement has been criticized for promoting “fat acceptance” and unhealthy lifestyles, telling fat people they should be comfortable in their own skin, despite numerous health complications associated with obesity.

In the past, Lizzo has threatened to quit the music industry and go live on a farm after suffering a social media meltdown over comments she’s too fat.

A shocking lawsuit filed last August alleged the rotund singer and her crew forced three former dancers to endure sexually depraved behaviors and participate in disturbing sex shows.

Previously, South Park has lampooned several pop-culture events, including the disastrous Covid vaccine rollout, the phenomenon of males competing in women’s sports and more.

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