July 13, 2024

Uptick in crime linked to increased immigration in Sweden.

Sweden might be on the brink of civil war as the country is seeing more alarming cases of migrant violence.

Goran Adamson, a senior lecturer in sociology at Uppsala University, warned that Sweden is turning into a dangerous “capital of violence,” partly because of the influx of suspected criminals moving to the country.

According to official figures from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRA), the number of fatalities a year per million from gun violence is more than double the European average.

In 2017, data showed that there were 281 shootings in Sweden. As of 2022, that number has grown to 391, 62 of which were fatal shootings.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 28 people were killed in the United Kingdom by shooting in the one-year period ending March 2022. This suggests that the Swedish rate of death by shooting was more than twice that of the U.K., even though Sweden’s population is less than a sixth of the size. (Related: Former U.K. immigration minister: Migrants do more harm than good to the British economy.)

The data also revealed that, shockingly, in 2022 the gun murder rate in Stockholm was at least 30 times that of London, despite the former having a population of less than one million.

Uptick in crime linked to increased immigration in Sweden

Adamson explained that the main pockets of violence in the Swedish capital aren’t found in the center of the city, but rather in residential neighborhoods.

He added that the violence is alarming and that it is often linked to the suburbs of Stockholm “because some of these suburbs are extremely violent and so forth and that matters are getting worse.”

A research paper Adamson published in 2020 highlighted a connection between the sharp increase in crime and the significant rise in immigration in Sweden.

In the paper, Adamson wrote that in 2017, 58 percent of those people “suspected of crime on reasonable grounds” had migrated to Sweden. However, for murder, attempted murder and manslaughter the figures have skyrocketed to 73 percent. The corresponding data for robbery was about 70 percent.

Adamson said that even though the majority of migrants are law-abiding people, the likelihood of a migrant, particularly someone from the Middle East or Africa, especially younger than 50, “committing a crime is much, much higher than for a Swedish person. These are just the facts.”

Adamson, an academic, with a Ph.D. from the London School of Economic and Political Science, clarified that he was not a “populist,” adding that the “material is not political in the least and it’s just based on statistics.” His findings are supported by a BRA study.

According to official data, between 2015 and 2018, the percentage of native Swedes born to Swedish parents suspected of committing crimes was at least 3.2 percent. That figure increased to eight percent for people born abroad, and rose to more than 10 percent for people born in Sweden to two foreign parents.

Adamson’s claim regarding the overrepresentation of migrants from the Middle East and Africa was also supported by the BRA, which reported that the percentages of offenses “are greatest among those born in the regions: West Asia, Central Asia and different regions in Africa.”

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