June 25, 2024

Information that could tell us about the motivations of transgender spree attackers should not be suppressed

“Holy sh*t. Buffalo Bill is real!” I tweeted when I saw the first picture of Jared Ravizza being led away by police after his arrest for stabbing four little girls in a movie theater and then two more people at a rest-stop McDonald’s. At that point, nothing about the attacker, apart from the horrific nature of his crimes, had been revealed. It was just a throwaway Tweet. Ravizza just looked like a really creepy homicidal dude in a bad blonde wig.

Like Buffalo Bill.

Now, though, as things become a little clearer, the comparison doesn’t seem quite so throwaway. As far as we know, Jared Ravizza really was transgender. Like Buffalo Bill. And the comparisons don’t end there.

It’s there for all to see on Jared’s Instagram: “Jared Ravizza / artist / she.”

As you scroll through the pictures on his profile—pouting selfie after endless putting selfie—it becomes clear that Jared had undergone some kind of transformation in the last couple of months. His style was already pretty flamboyant, sure, but then he started wearing lip gloss and glitter and crop tops and lots of pink. The pout is fuller, more pronounced.

Dare I say it—more feminine?

The clues are fragmentary, but they add up. A petition is also floating around on Facebook which appears to show that Jared changed his name to “Jared Love Jones” last month, which matches the name of his Instagram. More support for the theory that a recent “identity crisis” may have driven him to commit these desperate crimes.

And, of course, the choice of victims, at least in the initial stages of the attack, is pretty suggestive too. Four little girls—biological girls. Perfect, as God intended them. Not like poor, pathetic Jared.

It would take a lot to hate a little girl for being a little girl, but you don’t need to have spent much time on Reddit or Tumblr—or even in J.K. Rowling’s replies on Twitter—peering into the dark recesses of transgender people’s minds to understand how a deep sense of gender confusion, especially in a man, can fuel violent fantasies of revenge against women who are fortunate enough to have been born in the right body. In fact, you don’t have to go to any of these places to know this. The clinical literature about revenge fantasies is pretty clear: sexual humiliation, of any kind, is far more likely to fuel revenge fantasies in men than women. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

Right now, I’d say catch this stuff while you can. All comments, including any made by Jared himself, already seem to have been wiped from his Instagram profile, almost certainly on purpose. I’m surprised anything is still there, to be honest.

It seems to be an official policy— of government, Big Tech and the mainstream media—to censor as soon as a trans person does something wrong. Like Audrey Hale, for instance, the transgender mass shooter who killed six people—three children and three staff—at a Nashville Christian elementary school a year ago. The idea that Audrey’s being transgender was the key to that horrible, wicked massacre was almost as violently suppressed as Audrey herself when police arrived on the scene.

Despite the presence of a “trannifesto” in which Audrey specifically detailed her desire to “kill little crackers” and “faggots” with “white privilege,” we were told that the shootings were just a senseless tragedy.

Nothing to see here.

Move along!

And don’t forget: the manifesto had to be leaked, nearly six months later—and then only in part, just three pages—for us to find out, for certain, what was in it. Of course, as soon the existence of such a document was confirmed, we all knew.

There are still extensive legal wranglings over the document’s release taking place right now. We were told by the FBI that the contents shouldn’t be released, because they detailed a “blueprint for total destruction” and could inspire other shooters, and that still seems to be the official line.

This is horsesh*t of a very fine grade. If Audrey Hale had been a heterosexual white dude who killed Hispanic or Muslim kids, decorated his rifle with sonnenrads and references to the battles of Tours and Lepanto, and wrote a manifesto talking about how he wanted to kill “beaners” or “remove kebabs,” we know what would have happened. The manifesto would have been released and every major newspaper and news channel would have been shouting about “white supremacy” and “right-wing conspiracy theories” until their lungs gave way. The President would have been pounding his first and denouncing “Christian nationalists” in front of a blood-red White House (imagine that!).

The authorities would have had exactly what they want: more evidence of the danger white people pose to America, of their terrifying, irrational desire to drag America back into a past when whites were the absolute majority—a past of slavery, lynchings, the Ku Klux Klan, Aunt Jemima, etc..

But transgender people are a protected pet minority of the regime and virtually all progressives, so when they go off the reservation and start acting out their violent fantasies on little children, even when they slaughter them, they get a pass.

I don’t believe that all transgender people are homicidal maniacs, but we know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that some are, and that their being transgender is not incidental to that fact. And yet we have no way of understanding this new phenomenon if we can’t speak openly about transgenderism. That includes talking about mental illness, whether that’s twisted revenge fantasies or simply depression and a desire to hurt oneself rather than others. A 2014 study showed that nearly 63% of sample patients requesting gender reassignment had “at least one psychiatric comorbidity.” A third of patients suffered depression, over 20% suffered a phobia and 15% had adjustment disorder. And then there are the well-known suicide and self-harm statistics…

None of this should be off-limits. None of it precludes a compassionate response to individuals suffering from gender dysphoria. I’ve written before about the tragedy of so many young people being exposed to harmful endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which studies show are linked to gender dysphoria. Many transgender people bear no blame for what they are and what they feel. We should help them.

Big Tech platforms like Instagram and Facebook and websites like Reddit should be held accountable for suppressing important information about people like Jared Ravizza, if that is indeed what they do and have done. The media and government should be held accountable too. We must be free to decide for ourselves whether we face the truth, even in its most hideous aspects—or whether, as with so many of our problems, we choose instead to look the other way.

The Silent Weather War On Humanity

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