July 20, 2024

Local public TV station airs its first episode dedicated to LGBTQ+ and gender ideology, featuring a prominent drag queen, sparking sharp criticism from the Confederation party.

A local television station, TVP Poznań, recently broadcasted the inaugural episode of a new program focused on promoting LGBTQ+ and gender ideologies. A guest on the program discussed the increasing visibility and acceptance of drag queens in various spheres of society, signaling a shift in LGBT advocacy.

Following the election of a new left-liberal parliamentary majority in Poland, changes swept through public media, altering the landscape of news programming to increasingly reflect government biases and cater to liberal and left-leaning sensitivities. Yet, no one anticipated that a public station would broadcast a series of programs openly promoting the LGBT subculture and the revolutionary, anti-family, and anti-Catholic propositions of this community.

The series kicked off with discussions featuring LGBT activists, where the debut guest elaborated on his motivations for participating in the LGBT movement and his experiences as a drag queen. He expressed satisfaction with the opportunity to represent LGBT and gender ideologies on TVP Poznań.

The drag queen also mentioned the growing prevalence of this form of homosexual activism, which is now easily accessible across various online platforms.

“There’s really a lot of Polish drag out there, in different places,” said the drag queen activist. He highlighted how simple it is to explore different drag personas online and discover styles that resonate on a personal level, emphasizing the widespread presence of drag in Polish culture, accessible through television, Spotify, streaming services, and social media channels.

The program concluded with remarks from the host, Mateusz Sulwiński, an LGBT activistassociated with the Stonewall Group, who hoped the discussion had enlightened viewers about drag culture and its significance.

Anna Bryłka and Jacek Wilk, Confederation party candidates for the European Parliament, have publicly opposed the use of public funds to promote LGBT values on TVP Poznań, particularly criticizing the Stonewall Group’s agenda. They argue that this includes promoting irreversible and harmful ideologies, such as gender transition among minors, which leads not only to regret but also severely adverse medical outcomes.

“The Stonewall Group is known for its harmful propositions of LGBT ideology, which include, among other things, introducing marriage equality for homosexual unions, adoption rights for homosexual couples, and a straightforward process for gender transition. We already know from the experiences of Western European countries that young people who underwent transitions as minors later regret this decision — these are irreversible decisions,” declared the politicians during a press conference.

The Confederation party also condemns the depiction of drag queens and the promotion of leftist ideologies on public media, insisting that such propositions should not be funded by public money.

Gender transition therapy presents severe health threat

Recently, several medical studies indicate that hormone treatments for young people lack a scientific basis and that the risks outweigh the benefits, including a major report from the Swedish Agency for Medical and Social Evaluation. The agency indicated that it is unclear after treating hundreds of patients over the years whether the treatments are effective or safe. The report showed how 13 minors treated with hormones suffered severe side effects, and a clinic at Karolinska Hospital in Solna, Sweden, decided to limit hormone treatments due to the serious side effects it was observing, including cardiovascular disease, infertility, thrombotic disease, and cancer, according to Dagen news outlet.

“We cannot rule out negative effects, and we do not know whether the treatment is useful,” said the head of Sweden’s Board of Health, Thomas Lindén, to Swedish news agency SVT.

Reports and studies highlighting the dangers of transitioning and the severe side effects, including infertility and even cancer, have done little to dissuade the glowing coverage of transgender people and drag culture across the Western world.

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