June 25, 2024

Moreover, the same climate professor also called Florida Surgeon General “bonkers” for urging residents against new Covid vaccines!

A resurfaced message from London-based professor Bill McGuire, who recently deleted a post on X that stressed how a mass culling of humanity via a deadly pandemic was the “only realistic way” to avoid a climate disaster, shows him praising the vaccination program of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

“Public sector #NHS + #Vaccination programme = spectacular success,” said McGuire back in February 2021. “’nuff said!”

Private sector SERCO + Test & Trace = complete farce

Public sector #NHS + #Vaccination programme = spectacular success

’nuff said!#COVID19 #COVID #vaccine #ToryIncompetence #ThursdayThoughts #fridaymorning #FridayFeeling #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/SAXkECApSE

— Bill McGuire (@ProfBillMcGuire) February 4, 2021

Today, the NHS is now infamous for its handling of the plandemic.

London Climate Professor Calls For ‘Culling Of Human Population By Pandemic With Very High Fatality Rate’

The affinity of pro-jab individuals also being a depopulationist brings to mind Bill Gate’s very public exploits on the matter.

Watch Alex Jones break down alarming remarks by Gates and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla where they essentially admit to conducting global mRNA and oncological experiments on the human population:

Bill Gates & Pfizer CEO Bourla Brag About Deadly Covid Shots & Upcoming Cancer Jabs – What Could Go Wrong?

Moreover, McGuire also called Florida surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo “bonkers” for urging residents against new Covid vaccines:

Good Grief!

Even the doctors are bonkers in Floridahttps://t.co/fRLmctiJZS

— Bill McGuire (@ProfBillMcGuire) September 9, 2023

For posterity, here’s a screenshot of McGuire’s deleted X post:

Interesting thing to say. pic.twitter.com/HN6WiMR161

— RAW EGG NATIONALIST (@Babygravy9) May 13, 2024

Alex Jones Was Right: Bill Gates Confesses To Experimenting On the Public With COVID Shots

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