July 13, 2024

It’s been reported that Ukraine fire HIMARS artillery into Russia for the first time on Saturday

Ukraine has fired US-made weapons into Russia for the first time.

Russian sources claimed that US-made HIMARS, a long-range artillery system, were used to fire at targets inside Russia on Saturday evening.

“The enemy has begun using Western-made weapon systems to attack ‘old’ Russian territory. These are fragments of M142 HIMARS MLRS shells,” said Evgeniy Poddubny on his Telegram channel.

“The Russian Army’s air defence crews destroyed more than 10 missiles in the sky over the Belgorod region.”

Ukraine has yet to confirm the report.

According to Russian sources, in Shebekino (Belgorod oblast, Russia) 6 Himars missiles hit a base this morning pic.twitter.com/HY78pZ014o

— SkyOverUkraine (@SkyAboveUkraine) June 3, 2024

The US gave Kyiv the green light to use US-made weapons against Russian targets on Thursday, while the attention of the world was focused on the verdict of the Trump trial in Manhattan. US officials claimed the authorisation was a limited one and would only affect the region around Kharkiv, in the north of the country, where the Ukrainians are particularly hard pressed. The officials added that there was no change to the US policy of preventing “long-range strikes inside Russia.”

Moscow reacted furiously, with former president Dmitriy Medvedev warning that the conflict was heading towards open war between the US and Russia and with it a possible nuclear exchange.

“This is not ‘military assistance’ at all, but participation in a war against us. And such actions of theirs may well become a casus belli,” Medvedev said.

“The current military conflict with the West is developing according to the worst possible scenario,” he continued.

“There is a constant escalation in the power of applicable NATO weapons.

“Therefore, today no one can rule out the transition of the conflict to its final stage.”

Medvedev echoed a warning issued by President Putin in Uzbekistan two days earlier, on Tuesday. Putin warned NATO members to “be aware of what they are playing with.”

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