July 21, 2024

United Airlines Boeing 777 Diverted to Denver After ‘Engine Issues’

The entire aviation industry is in disarray, from United to Boeing to the FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration should expedite its plan to curb United Airlines’ growth, including preventing the carrier from adding new routes, following a series of safety incidents in recent weeks and another incident on Thursday evening. 

Last night, United Flight 990, a Boeing 777-200 traveling from San Francisco to Paris, was diverted to Denver International Airport when the pilots reported engine issues. 

Flight tracking website Flightradar24 shows Flight 990 was heading north towards the Canadian border before it turned south towards Denver. United wrote in a statment that the plane landed safely with 273 passengers and 12 crew on board. 

This comes after a series of recent flight mishaps involving United jets, including a tire falling off a Boeing 777 taking off at San Francisco airport, landing gear issues with a Boeing 737 at Houston, and a panel flying off an aging United Boeing 737. 

A Bloomberg report said FAA authorities are considering “drastic measures” to curb the airline’s growth following a series of safety incidents. 

Last week, United CEO Scott Kirby promised customers that the carrier would review the incidents and its employee training. Perhaps what Kirby should be promising customers is to stop pushing “insane,” disastrous, and potentially deadly DEI mandates. 

The entire aviation industry is in disarray, from United to Boeing to the FAA. Why is this, Pete Buttigieg?

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