June 18, 2024

Chicago judges continue letting menace to society back on streets

A disturbing story out of Chicago, Illinois, highlights how Democrat policies are destroying America.

Illegal immigrant Carlos Mavarez Viloria has been arrested ten times since moving into downtown Chicago’s Standard Club migrant shelter last July.

An illegal alien in Chicago gets arrested for the TENTH TIME since Julyhttps://t.co/H0cfhdajG4

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 28, 2024

According to CWB Chicago, Viloria was released from custody on his first nine arrests and it wasn’t until a police officer was injured while attempting to arrest the serial criminal that he finally received a felony charge.

The illegal alien was first arrested for stealing nearly $200 of merchandise from a Walmart. He then failed to show up for court and had a warrant out for his arrest.

Just one day after the warrant was issued, Viloria was picked up by law enforcement for shoplifting $158 worth of t-shirts from Macy’s.

A month later, the suspect was arrested for possession of a crack pipe, but prosecutors dropped the charge and he went on to be arrested again for shoplifting and narcotics possession at Nordstrom Rack.

Prosecutors also dropped the charges from the Nordstrom theft and Viloria went on to be arrested twice in February for stealing from Walmart.

Chicago police arrested Viloria for a third time in February after he pulled a gun on a convenience store clerk and threatened to shoot him.

Officers later took the illegal migrant in for brandishing a gun-shaped cigarette lighter inside a 7-11 store and prosecutors dropped that charge as well.

Viloria was arrested three more times in April, stealing and resisting arrest in one instance, trespassing in another and illegally selling clothes in a park.

Prosecutors dropped charges for two of the three April arrests.

The local news outlet reported on the tenth arrest that took place on May 15 at Pritzker Park:

“Cook County sheriff’s deputies arrested him for several shoplifting cases filed by TJ Maxx, 11 North State, according to court records. Viloria pushed, struggled, and fell to the ground with one of the deputies. A second deputy suffered hand and arm injuries, the report said.”

The felony aggravated battery of a peace officer charge is the most harsh punishment the serial offender has received thus far, but Judge Ankur Srivastava issued a ruling that could allow Viloria to be released under electronic monitoring.

As of now, the illegal immigrant offender is still sitting in jail.

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