July 13, 2024

Users on social media chalk the incident up to demonic Hollywood elites hostile to Christianity.

An actress was seen arguing with security guards at the Cannes Film Festival over her dress which features a large image of Jesus Christ’s face on the train.

Massiel Taveras, who was attending the premiere of the French film The Count of Monte Cristo over the weekend, was seen scolding security guards who repeatedly tried to fold up her white dress train to apparently hide Jesus’ face.

Why won’t they let her show Jesus? pic.twitter.com/a0juahpCHO

— TaraBull (@TaraBull808) May 26, 2024

The dress train didn’t appear to obstruct any nearby attendees ascending the red carpet stairs.

After she appeared to tell them to leave her dress alone, the guards kept picking up the dress train to fold it up, only to be lambasted by Taveras again.

The guard then appeared to place her arm over Taveras’ head and chest as she attempted to usher her inside.

Taveras then turned around and seemingly placed her hand over the guard’s face in retaliation.

Taveras later shared pictures of her stunning dress on Instagram where she thanked Christ and the designers who made the outfit.

Users on social media shared their theories about the incident, chalking it up to the Hollywood elites’ demonic hostility to Christianity.

Why won’t they let her show Jesus? Because the master of this world is the prince of darkness.

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. — Jesus Christ

— Kat Kanada (@KatKanada_TM) May 26, 2024

Because Jesus is kryptonite to the satanists

— Trump.AI (@Obielicious) May 26, 2024

Study the effect Jesus has on demons.

— Ozzie 2.0 (@OZZ13RL) May 26, 2024

If it was Mohammed, Buddha or any other deity it would’ve been fine. Makes you wonder why Jesus and Christianity is the only one targeted 🙄.

— Walter White 🇺🇸 (@Black__Thanos) May 26, 2024

Christianity is under attack.

These people worship the devil.

— Humble Flow (@HumbleFlow) May 26, 2024

When I first saw this, I immediately thought someone must be exaggerating. Nope, people were literally trying to hide the face of Jesus. Sick world we live in.

— Glenda🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 (@Gforce3267) May 26, 2024

If it was demonic it wouldn’t have been a problem

— Mia Musk (@musk_mia) May 26, 2024

Religious freedom and tolerance appears to be a thing of the past at this event.

Taveras also addressed the incident on her Instagram page, praising former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland, who was seen heatedly scolding the same Cannes security guard in an earlier exchange.

I want to thank all of you for this incredible support, today more than ever we need to stay together , suport eachether protect our souls , have strong boundaries and stand for our rights, let’s show some love and respect to the extraordinary @kellyrowland a pure soul , a talented, classy , educated woman of color that represents with respect all of US🤎🙌 I’m impressed how you handled sister , I didn’t now that happened to you first I was very impressed how calm and genteel you wr because in my case I was tired of the abuse , —BLACK WOMAN MATTERS- we are not going to be in silence on situations like that , we need respect ,it’s enough. I hug you queen #kellyrowland , thanks for giving us sooo much god bless your heart

In a separate bizarre incident, a frightened Ukrainian model appeared to try to escape the Cannes festival but was blocked by a line of security guards.

Why was this woman prevented from leaving the event of her own free will?

In Canes festifal somenthing very stange happened👀👀 pic.twitter.com/wgiGM5Helt

— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) May 26, 2024

Strange things are happening in France.

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