June 17, 2024

Socialist congresswoman gives away the Democrats’ dirty game by saying the quiet part out loud.

Socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) let slip the Democrats’ game plan to keep former President Donald Trump tied up in New York City for the “hush money” trial to prevent him from hitting the campaign trail.

Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, made the admission on Capitol Hill Wednesday in response to Trump’s upcoming rally in the heart of her district in the South Bronx on Thursday.

“By the way, Trump’s doing it in the South Bronx not to make a point but because he’s got court. And the man practically has the legal version of an ankle bracelet around him, and he can’t leave the 5 boroughs because he always has to be in court,” AOC said.

🚨Wow. @AOC accidentally says the quiet part out loud. She mocks President Trump for holding a rally in the South Bronx and brags about how the Democrats’ lawfare is forcing him to stay in New York City:

“By the way, Trump’s doing it in the South Bronx not to make a point but… pic.twitter.com/459TvGZ7zK

— Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve) May 22, 2024

“So it is truly an embarrassment to him. And I am looking forward to the response of everyday Bronxites talking about how they feel about him coming to their backyard,” she added.

Funny she should mention that — just days earlier Bronx residents staged a march in support of Trump in response to his rally announcement.

The people in the Bronx are feeling represented for the first time in GENERATIONS.

And it’s all thanks to Donald John Trump! Amazing!


— Paul Ingrassia (@PaulIngrassia) May 18, 2024

Trump has also been well-received during his recent campaign stops in Queens and Manhattan amid the NYC “hush money” trial saga.

Plenty of Bronxites expressed their excitement to reporters about Trump’s upcoming visit amid skyrocketing crime and rampant inflation in NYC.

AOC says she’s looking forward to seeing how people from the Bronx respond to Trump coming to their neighborhood…

This is how the Bronx feels about Donald Trump 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The Bronx Rally tomorrow will be historic!! pic.twitter.com/LtBB9CWRKK

— TONY™ (@TONYxTWO) May 22, 2024

“I think the Democrats have been dropping the ball,” Bronx resident Lou Valentino told Fox News on Wednesday. “I mean, you see crime, you see a woman being dragged with a belt, you see that type of stuff happening in the Bronx and they’re just gaslighting it, acting like it’s not happening.”

History repeats itself. Trump will be in the Bronx Tomorrow. Just as Regan did in the 80’s. Two of the greatest Presidents in my life time.
BRONX VOTER: I think Democrats have been dropping the ball. Trump is speaking to those people in barber shops or who can’t afford the… pic.twitter.com/FuyFzBvkxw

— @dsware123 🗽 (@dsware123) May 22, 2024

“A lot of people can’t afford groceries. And Trump is speaking to those people in those barbershops or people who just can’t afford this lifestyle that they had probably four or five years ago.”

“The fact that Trump is going there to a spot that is deep blue, that should send a deep message to Republicans once again — step up your game,” he added.

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