July 20, 2024

This is how you dismantle mainstream media talking points.

Political commentator Megyn Kelly obliterated pundit Dan Abrams’ mainstream media talking points in a debate over former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict.

Abrams, host of News Nation’s “Dan Abrams Live” and legal analyst for ABC News, argued Sunday that “wrongdoing” was proven in Trump’s case that warranted 34 guilty counts.

Kelly asked him, “What was it?”

Megyn Kelly exhibits how to debate mainstream media talking points regarding Trump’s verdict:
Dan Abrams: “There’s wrongdoing here.”
MK: “What was it?”
DA: “Paying 130k to a porn star to keep her quiet.”
MK: “That’s not illegal.”
DA: “When you’re doing it to protect the campaign,… pic.twitter.com/aIbiB9i4MV

— Eric Abbenante (@EricAbbenante) June 2, 2024

“Paying 130k to a porn star to keep her quiet,” Abrams replied.

“That’s not illegal,” Kelly noted.

But Abrams claimed that the “hush money” payment was illegal because Trump did it to “protect his campaign.”

“Absolutely not correct on every level,” Kelly retorted.

“When you’re doing it to protect your campaign, it is [illegal],” Abrams insisted.

Kelly asked, “What law are you citing?”

“Campaign finance laws,” Abrams replied.

But Kelly shut him down: “Wrong, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It does not amount to a campaign contribution if it is the kind of payment that could ever be made outside of the campaign context. There’s been Supreme Court precedent on this.”

Other constitutional scholars like Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz — both Democrats — likewise recently claimed they don’t know what crime Trump actually committed in the NYC case.

Who do you think won this exchange? Sound off in the comments below.

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