June 17, 2024

Violence increasing along Poland-Belarus frontier as migrants fight to penetrate deeper into Europe, authorities warn

A Polish soldier and multiple border guards were injured in attacks by violent migrants amid chaos along the border with Belarus, according to reports.

The Polish Border Guard released information about a string of incidents that unfolded during the overnight hours between Monday and Tuesday on the Belarusian frontier.

Migrants most likely hailing from outside Europe stabbed or slashed at least three officials, all of whom were hospitalized.

At approximately 4:30 a.m., a group of around 50 migrants tried to break into Poland, throwing sticks, tree branches, and stones at patrols.

A Polish Army soldier was stabbed in the ribs by a migrant who managed to jab a knife through a gap in the steel border fence.

Surveillance footage shows a border officer administering first aid to the soldier as migrants continue to lob projectiles at them.

Atak cudzoziemców na polsko-białoruskiej granicy‼️ https://t.co/vmnESbftbm pic.twitter.com/OLtYUo8bUt

— Straż Graniczna (@Straz_Graniczna) May 28, 2024

In the hours prior, two border guards were injured during skirmishes with migrants.

Near Bialowieza, a guard suffered facial injuries when he was slashed with a broken bottle.

And near Dubicze Cerkiewne, a guard was stabbed in the arm by a migrant using an improvised weapon comprised of a knife taped to a tree branch.

X account WarNewsPL shared footage of a clash between migrants and Polish authorities shot from the Belarus side of the fence to demonstrate how aggressive the invasive combatants can be.

Codzienność na polskiej granicy z Białorusią.

Szacunek dla każdego funkcjonariusza i funkcjonariuszki, którzy dbają o nasze wspólne bezpieczeństwo 🫡 pic.twitter.com/SYuHIYbsxF

— WarNewsPL (@WarNewsPL1) May 28, 2024

“Almost every day, Border Guard officers face aggression from migrants trying to push across the Polish-Belarusian border. Attacks by foreigners on services protecting the Polish-Belarusian border have increased in recent months, and four border guards have been injured,” the Polish Border Guard announced in a press release following Tuesday’s attacks.

“Migrants throw stones, branches, bottles, carry dangerous tools ending in knives, shoot from slingshots. Also damaged are official vehicles, in which, among other things, windows are broken and bodywork is destroyed.”

Infowars has covered the ongoing crisis at the Poland-Belarus border extensively.

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