June 18, 2024

Sunny Austin claimed to have spoken to an insider at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office

Prosecutors are going to recommend sending Trump to prison on Rikers Island, according to host of The View Sunny Austin.

Austin was barely able to contain her joy as she told the rest of the panel, including Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, that an insider at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Officer said Trump would be going to jail.

“I spent this morning speaking to someone from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office,” Austin explained.

“He believes they will recommend a one-year term in prison. And that is because, when you spend a year in prison in New York or under, you serve in Rikers Island, okay?”

The words “Rikers Island” drew gasps from the audience. Austin beamed with delight.

Laughs and then clapping followed from the audience a moment later, and the camera focused on Joy Behar as she tried not to smile.

Host of The View Sunny Hostin says she spoke to someone from the Manhattan DA’s office this morning and they’re likely to recommend a 1 year prison sentence for Trump so he has to serve his sentence in Rikers Island

*Audience cheers*

Hard to even watch this. Truly sickening. pic.twitter.com/XFHkGlcb1o

— johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) June 1, 2024

Austin continued, “The other reason they will do this is that he has shown an utter disregard for our institutions.”

She said that the sentencing wasn’t just about punishing or rehabilitating Trump, but also about “sending a message to the community: ‘This is not going to happen again.’” This drew enthusiastic approval from host Whoopi Goldberg.

Austin claimed Trump would spend six months at Rikers and then four-and-a-half years on probation.

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