June 17, 2024

Local reporters say one of the most dangerous they’ve ever witnessed

A wild pursuit came to a violent conclusion when a female suspect slammed a cargo van head-on into a wall of vehicles stopped on a busy highway in Southern California this week.

The shocking string of events unfolded at around 4:20 a.m. on Friday morning in Venice.

Two Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers were injured when a woman backed into their patrol car and then fled the scene, Fox 11 reports.

Local reporters are calling the ensuing chase one of the most dangerous they’ve ever witnessed.

LAPD pursued the van on I-405, performing multiple PIT maneuvers that were unsuccessful in neutralizing the vehicle.

Suddenly, the suspect made a u-turn and began driving directly into oncoming traffic, crashing into at least one vehicle before racing onward.

Authorities were eventually able to block the highway, creating a pocket of space where the suspect could drive without endangering other motorists.

However, as the suspect approached a line of stopped vehicles, she barreled at full speed into multiple cars and a tractor-trailer.

ICYMI: A wild pursuit ended in a violent multi-vehicle crash on the 405 Freeway. @Stu_Mundel reports from SkyFOX.

FULL RECAP: https://t.co/o2SJqYVaVH pic.twitter.com/Bl6KDrI71o

— FOX 11 Los Angeles (@FOXLA) May 17, 2024

At least one motorist can be seen fleeing from his car after it was struck while another man was reportedly trapped inside his sedan due to extensive damage.

The female suspect can be seen climbing on top of the van before crawling onto the hood of the big rig.

Officers eventually pulled her to the ground and took her into custody.

Images showing the bloodied, wild-eyed suspect prompted social media users to speculate if she was “possessed.”

Incredibly, no serious injuries were reported following the collisions.

Authorities have not released information about the suspect or charges she might face at the time of this writing.

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